50 Signs of Good Luck Coming Your Way

Everyone experiences good luck from time to time, but it can be hard to determine what signs of luck are actually true. What’s considered lucky one day could be an unlucky sign the next.

That’s why we have compiled this list of 50 signs of good luck coming your way! From superstitions and rituals to symbols and people, these are surefire ways to bring some fortune into your life. Read on for a detailed look at all 50 signs that good luck is coming your way.

50 Signs of Good Luck Coming Your Way

When it comes to finding good luck, there are a few key signs to look out for. Here are a few of the most common signs that good luck is on its way:

1. You stumble upon a four-leaf clover.

2. A black cat crosses your path.

3. You find a penny heads up.

4. You see a rainbow in the sky.

5. Somebody compliments you out of the blue.


6. You see a shooting star.

7. You find a horseshoe in the street.

8. A bird lands on your window sill.

9. You receive a gift of money or jewelry.

10. You hear a cricket chirping in your house. 

11. You hear the sound of church bells ringing in the distance.

12. You open a book to find a particular page is marked.

13. You dream of a loved one who has passed away.

14. You spot a ladybug on your clothing or furniture.

15. You discover a single white feather on the ground.

16. You witness a flock of birds gathering in one spot.

17. You receive an unexpected letter in the mail.

18. You come across a rainbow-colored stone.

19. You cross paths with an old friend or relative.

20. A dragonfly lands on your hand or arm. 

21. You find a strange coin in an unlikely place.

22. A butterfly flutters around you.

23. You find a wishbone in the dirt.

24. You hear a bell ringing three times in a row.

25. A fox appears and stares at you before quickly disappearing into the trees.

26. You experience a sudden gust of wind.

27. Your path is illuminated by a bright light from above.

28. You receive a gift or good luck charm from a stranger.

29. You find an acorn or chestnut in your path.

30. A furry animal like a rabbit or raccoon crosses your path without any fear of you.

31. You are handed a bundle of sage out of the blue.

32. A rainbow appears just after a thunderstorm passes.

33. You spot the number 8 or its multiples in an unexpected place.

34. You wake up feeling extra energized and motivated for the day ahead.

35. Your first cup of coffee tastes particularly strong and delicious.

36. You discover a lucky rabbit’s foot in your pocket or purse.

37. Someone tells you “good luck” out of the blue.

38. A dove flutters near you and then flies away into the horizon.

39. You have an exceptionally lucky day at the casino or lottery.

40. A dream about a pot of gold comes true in some way.

41. You have a series of fortunate days in a row without any bad luck coming your way.

42. You find a wish written on a piece of paper or parchment in an old book.

43. Someone offers you their seat on the bus or train when there are no other available spaces.

44. You hear children singing and laughing in the distance, as if it’s coming from another world.

45. An old legend or superstition unexpectedly proves to be true for you one day.

46. A rainbow appears after a long stretch of cloudy weather, bringing good luck with it.

47. A small bird lands on your shoulder and then flies away shortly after, bringing good luck along with it wherever it goes.

48. You spot two identical dragonflies flying side by side in front of you, which is said to bring good luck and fortune to anyone who witnesses this rare occurrence.

49. Three black cats cross your path within 24 hours, which is said to bring great fortune and abundance into your life for many years to come.

50. You experience a sudden surge of inspiration and motivation, which can be a sign that great luck is just around the corner.

These are just a few of the signs of good luck that could be coming your way! As you continue reading, you will discover many more signs of fortune, from simple lucky charms to ancient rituals. No matter what your beliefs may be, there is sure to be something on this list that can bring some luck your way.


We hope these signs of good luck have instilled a bit of hope in your heart and inspired you to keep looking for the silver lining. Luck comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms – sometimes it’s up to us to recognize them.

So stay hopeful, take chances, make your own luck by working hard towards your goals, and remember that even when things don’t go our way at times – everything will eventually work out if you keep pushing forward. Good luck!

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